Saturday 17 April

SVT1 15.55 -17.50 Handball, World Cup playoff: Ukraine -Sweden (d)

Wednesday 21 April

SVT2 18.00-20.00 Handball, World Cup playoff: Sweden - Ukraine (d)

The winner of the doubles match is ready for the World Cup, which will be decided in Spain 2-19 December this year, where 32 teams will play.

Ukraine has put pressure on large nations

Ukraine was one of the most difficult opponents Sweden could get in the World Cup qualifiers, as the nation tensed its muscles properly in its most recent European Championship qualifiers.

- Ukraine has recently put pressure on big handball nations such as Romania in the European Championship qualifiers.

It is an opponent who plays physically and tough, but Sweden is still the favorite to qualify for the World Cup over two matches, says Magnus Grahn.

More variety is needed

When it comes to the attacking game, Sweden has a lot to work on, according to SVT's expert.

He wants to see more creativity and a broader repertoire.

- The attacking game needs to be more varied than last time, during the European Championships in Denmark.

I hope that Sweden's wingers get a high dividend on their finishes, because there will be a lot of positions from the edges as Ukraine plays very compact in their defense.

Who will be the key player for Sweden?

- The key player will be Jamina Roberts who is currently dominating in her Sävehof and has a fantastic fine form.

Her fine feet will be crucial in Sweden's attacking game.

It is also important that Johanna Westberg gets started with her shooting.

What are your thoughts on the defensive?

- There is a foundation in the defense where Linn Blom and Anna Lagerquist are extremely good in zone 3. It will also be important that Johanna Bundsen reaches a high level in the goal for Sweden to manage this, concludes Magnus Grahn.