Pitcher Ko Woo-Seok, the finalist of professional baseball LG, is holding a high-speed ball show with record-high average arrest.

We aimed for 100 miles per hour and 161 km per hour, which we saw in the major leagues.

Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon delivers. 


Ko Woo-seok, who was the first native pitcher with Kiwoom Jo Sang-woo in 2019, exceeded an average speed of 150 km/h, got faster this year.

He threw 29 fastballs four times, hitting a maximum speed of 156.7 km/h, and was the fastest since the record of all pitches started at an average of 153.8 km.

Castillo, Alcantara, Sosa, and other foreign power features who commanded the league with high-speed balls were overtaken.

[Ko Woo-seok/LG: It seems that the restraints are coming out well enough that I am a little curious, so I think there are times when I am surprised by throwing.] It

's not just fastballs.

The top speed of the cutter that digs into the left-handed hitter's body is 150 km/h, which is 5 km faster than last year.

It's about the same speed as the cutter in the heyday of the Yankees legend Mariano Rivera, the idol of Ko Woo-seok.

[Ko Woo-seok/LG: I think the cutter restraint was more surprising than the fastball restraint.

It's coming out so well that I think it's right...


Ko Woo-suk, who completely removes the knee injuries he suffered last year and unfolds a'high-class light-ball show', set the goal of a'dream restraint' that a Korean pitcher never dared to overcome.

[Ko Woo-Seok/LG: Since I was a child, my goal is to be a domestic player who throws more than 100 miles (161 km), and I still have that goal, and I have to work hard until the end and keep a good look.]

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