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One point only but encouragement from Prof Sampaoli for OM players after the trip to Montpellier on Saturday (3-3).

The Marseille coach liked the eye-catching state of mind of his men and spoke of progress despite the draw and mistakes at the start of the first and second periods.

"These goals taken at the start of each period were decisive, as was the red card after 14 minutes in the second half," he said after the meeting.

The team recovered, continued to attack, did not fall back and fought for the jersey.

It made for a spinning game.


The coach does not hide his disappointment at having conceded a goal at the very end of the match when the case seemed folded.

“It's a shame to concede that goal late in the game.

We could have avoided it, we could have been rewarded for our efforts.

The positive message always gets the upper hand.

“I congratulate my players for the efforts they made, especially when we played ten.

We are in a phase of integrating a playing philosophy. This game brings us closer to the work and the emotions necessary to develop a style of play that will pay off in the end.

I am not here to have urgent results, but to progress and put an idea in place.

A speech that changes from the previous coach.


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