The Japanese swimming championship, which will be the representative selection of the Tokyo Olympics, has reached the final day of the tournament, and so far Rikako Ikee, who has two crowns, marked the second fastest time in the women's 50-meter butterfly qualifying and the final in the afternoon I proceeded to.

In this Japan Championship, if you break the standard dispatch record in the final and finish in 2nd place, you will be appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics as an individual event.

On the 10th of the 8th day, the final day of the tournament, qualifying for 50 meters such as the butterfly, which is not held at the Olympics other than freestyle, was held in the morning.

▽ Ikee, who participated in the women's 50-meter butterfly, took the lead of one head from the start to 25 meters, and after that, showed a relaxed swim and finished in the first place.

The time was 26.36 seconds, which was behind his personal best of 25.77 seconds after returning to the competition, but he advanced to the final in the afternoon in 2nd place overall.

The overall first place was Ai Soma with a time of 26.12 seconds.

So far, Ikee has won the 100m butterfly and 100m freestyle and achieved two crowns, and has been nominated as the representative in the second relay event.

In the afternoon, we will participate in the second final of the 50-meter butterfly and freestyle.

▽ In the men's 50-meter backstroke, Ryosuke Irie, who has won two titles in the tournament, advanced to the final in 25.21 overall second place.

▽ In the women's 50-meter breaststroke, Satomi Suzuki, who missed the unofficial decision for the third consecutive tournament, advanced to the final in the afternoon with 30.97 seconds overall.