The Dutch curling men suffered another defeat at the World Cup in Calgary on Thursday.

Skip Jaap van Dorp's team lost 4-8 to Switzerland.

For the Orange, it was already the ninth loss at this World Cup.

Only the duels with Germany (7-5) and China (10-2) have been won so far.

The team of national coach Shari Leibbrandt had already been eliminated in the tournament for a place in the top six of the group stage, which entitles them to a ticket for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and participation in the play-offs for the world title in Calgary. .

The chance of a ticket for the Beijing Games has not been completely gone.

A final Olympic qualifying tournament will follow at the end of this year.

At the World Cup, the Netherlands, which finished eleventh, tenth and tenth respectively in the previous three World Cups, will play against the United States later that day.

Italy is the opponent in the last group match.