Rikako Ikee, who returned from leukemia and participated in the Japan Championship for the first time in three years.

So far, he has won the second event and has been nominated as a representative in the second event of the medley relay and the 400m relay.

I have summarized the steps so far with words.

14 years old “I want to win”

April 2015.

The Japan Championships, which I participated in at the age of 14 in the third year of junior high school.

Ikee won the women's 50m butterfly.

It was the first time in 19 years that a junior high school student won the Japan Championship.

"From the moment I jumped in at the start, I swam with all my heart to win. I'm happy because I was aiming for victory."

Japan Championship Triple Crown Rio Olympics representative

April 2016.

The Japan Championship, which also serves as the representative selection for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Ikee won the third event.

I got a ticket to the Olympics for the first time.

"It's the biggest tournament in the world that attracts attention from all over the world, so I want to emulate my seniors."

First Olympics “Don't lose in four years”

August 2016.

The Rio de Janeiro Olympics challenged at the age of 16.

Ikee participated in the 7th event, of which he finished 5th in the 100m butterfly.

"I was nervous, but I was able to swim in my own way. I don't think I can reach the top of the world unless I do my best, so I want to set a new record so that I won't lose in four years."

The first five crowns in women's history

April 2017.

The Japan Championship, which also serves as the representative selection for this year's World Championship.

Ikee is the first female player to achieve five crowns in the history of the tournament.

Even so, I was disappointed that the Japanese record was not set at this tournament.

"Does not put out his best, which was also aimed at any event, logged, but itself was not good, and doing the tough race can be achieved for the first time 5 crown in the women's, it could be a good experience"

in Japan Championships in the next 2018 years, Ikee set a new record in Japan for all four races he participated in.

"I was disappointed that there was no record break at last year's tournament, but I'm glad I was able to clear up on this stage. I think I've reached a position where I can aim even higher to win the world."

Asian Tournament MVP “Word Execution”

August 2018.

Participated in the Jakarta Asian Games and won 6 crowns.

Selected as the best player in the tournament.

"It was the summer when I was doing what I said. I was able to become an Asian champion and gain confidence. I want to practice hard and win a medal at the World Championship next year, which will lead to the Tokyo Olympics."

“I'm surprised myself ...”

January 2019.

Participated in a small tournament held in Tokyo to coordinate the winter season.

The time of the 100m butterfly, which he is good at, was more than 4 seconds later than his personal best, and Ikee's expression was cloudy.

"It was a match that I was greeted with without losing weight, so it was surprisingly late for me."

“God does not give insurmountable trials”

February 2019.

Ikee got sick during the training camp in Australia and returned to Japan.

We announced on SNS that we were diagnosed with leukemia.

"I'm still unbelievably confused." "I'd like

to take a little rest and concentrate on treatment, and I'll do my best to show Rikako Ikee who has become stronger as soon as possible."

The next day, Ikee posted on SNS again.

"God doesn't give insurmountable trials, and I don't think there are any barriers that I can't overcome," he posted.

In March, I wrote about my feelings about treating leukemia on SNS.

"It's tens, hundreds, and thousands of times harder than I expected. I haven't eaten for more than three days, but I don't want to lose."

“To the goal of the Paris Olympics”

December 2019.

Ikee reported that he was discharged from the official website.

I put my thoughts on returning to the competition in the handwritten message.

"Because I got sick, what I could understand, what made me think, and what I learned was really hard. Sometimes I got negative thoughts, but first I thought that I had to have my own feelings, so I decided to treat it. was encouraging, "

" 2024 Paris Olympics, I want to work hard with the goal medal. "

For the first time in 406 days ...

March 2020.

I entered the pool for the first time after leaving the hospital.

I posted my feelings on SNS.

"It seems to be the pool for the first time in 406 days! I'm so happy and happy that I can't express it in words."

"To the power to move forward even with regrettable feelings"

July 2020.

Ikee appeared at the postponed event one year before the Tokyo Olympics.

One person stood on the pitch of the National Stadium and sent a message to the world.

"I think sports give people courage and ties. I also got a lot of power from my fellow athletes during the fight against illness. Even now, I can't catch up with everyone in practice. It's frustrating. It's a force to move forward, including those thoughts. "

" Because hope is shining far away, no matter how hard it may be, I can


forward and do my best. "

“The beginning of the second swimming life”

August 2020.

Participated in a swimming competition held in Tokyo.

It was the first time in about 1 year and 7 months to return to the race.

"I was impressed by the fact that I was able to swim in this place again, but I really felt that I was able to come back here

." "I think it's the beginning of my second swimming life."

“I just started climbing the stairs”

March 2021.

The practice was released in Tokyo before the Japan Championships.

"I have a desire to return to the world stage someday.

I have just started climbing the stairs,

but I want

to climb more and more."

"Effort is always rewarded"

April 2021.

Won the Japan Championship, Women's 100m Butterfly.

Breaking the standard record for dispatching medley relays, he was appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics.

"I thought it was a long time before I could win, but I've been practicing to win."

"Even if I'm very hard and hard, I'm sure my efforts will be rewarded. "

Ikee won the 100m freestyle.

It was the second offer for the 400m relay.

"This is the second Olympics, so I want to pull the relay team while enjoying the atmosphere."

Japan record held by Ikee (individual event)

[Long waterway]

50m freestyle: 24 seconds 21,

100m freestyle: 52 seconds 79,

200m freestyle: 1 minute 54 seconds 85,

50m butterfly: 25 seconds 11,

100m butterfly: 56 seconds 08

[Short waterway]

50m freestyle : 23 seconds 95,

100m freestyle: 51 seconds 62,

200m freestyle: 1 minute 52 seconds 64,

50m butterfly: 24 seconds 71,

100m butterfly: 55 seconds 31,

100m individual medley: 57 seconds 75