Image source: CUBA University Basketball League Weibo.

  China News Service, April 7th. On the 6th, the CUBA University Basketball League issued a penalty notice. Before that, in the match against Wuhan Polytechnic University, Chongqing Normal University player Sun Tong maliciously trampled on his opponent. The CUBA Organizing Committee decided to cancel his current and Eligibility for the next CUBA league.

Sun Tong trampled on Li Li Dongxiao.

  On April 4, Chongqing Normal University played against Wuhan University of Technology. The match went to the end of the third quarter. Chongqing Normal University's No. 1 player Sun Tong made a quick breakthrough with the ball. Wuhan University of Technology No. 13 player Li Dongxiao took his position early and tried to create a grandson. Tong's offensive foul, Sun Tong couldn't dodge, and after knocking Li Dongxiao down, he stepped on Li Dongxiao's lower body with his right foot and behaved very badly.

For this, CUBA imposed a two-year ban on Sun Tong severely.

Image source: CUBA University Basketball League Weibo.

  On the same day, CUBA also issued another ticket. Li Dongxiao, who was maliciously trampled by Sun Tong, was given a one-time suspension for kicking during a layup against Hunan Normal University.