Högsbo had the lead for large parts of the first two periods.

The home team's Alexis Hyder played great and had scored 14 points after half a game.

Ida Fredrikson, who was recently selected in the gross squad for this summer's European Championship finals, also accounted for a good half.

But favorite tipped Alvik kept up.

Despite losing the first period by 27-24, they came back in the second.

In the final seconds of the period, Högsbo led 40-38 when Alvik got two penalty throws.

Two penalty throws that Klara Lundquist managed well and it was equalized to 40-40 at half time.

Mini jerk in third

In the third period, Alvik made a small jerk when they went up in a nine-point lead.

That lead decreased to five points before the final period. 

The final period of the match was even.

With only two minutes left, the score was 67-65 to the away team Alvik.

But Högsbo did not come any closer than that.

In the end, Alvik was able to walk away and win 75-65.

- It was even, we were prepared for that.

Now we have a good opportunity to close the semi-final series, says Alvik's Ellen Åström.

The next semifinal will be played on Friday, then at Alvik's home ground.

The semifinals are played in the best of five.

ARCHIVE: Umeå ready for semifinal - after second laundry (March 28)

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Umeå ready for semifinal - after second laundry Photo: Bildbyrån / Sportsground