The Japanese championship for swimming, which is the representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics.

On the 5th day of the tournament, the final will be held in the 4th event.

We will keep you updated with the results of each item.

Women's 100m Freestyle Qualifying Ikee at the top to the semi-finals

1st place Rikako Ikee 54 seconds 30,

2nd place Chihiro Igarashi 55 seconds 24,

3rd place Natsumi Sakai 55 seconds 27,

4th place Rio Shirai 55 seconds 32,

5th place Yui Yamane 55 seconds 42,

6th place Rika Omoto 55 seconds 49,

7th place Aya Sato 55 seconds 63,

8th place Yume Kamino 55 seconds 67,

9th place Mayuka Yamamoto 55 seconds 93,

10th place Tomomi Aoki 55 seconds 94,

11th place Miyoshi Imai 56 seconds 09,

12th place


Funakoshi 56 seconds 17 ,

13th place Kanae Takenaka 56 seconds 32,

14th place Yoshine Nagao 56 seconds 36,

15th place Yayoi Matsumoto 56 seconds 37,

16th place Nagisa Ikemoto 56 seconds 40

(* up to 16th place in the semi-finals)

Schedule for the 5th day of the tournament

10:00 Women's 100m



10:11 Men's 200m Back Swimming Qualifying

10:28 Women

's 200m Flat Swimming


10:46 Men's 200m Individual Medley Qualifying

17:05 Men's 100m Freestyle Final

17:16 Women's 200m Butterfly Final

17:29 Men's 200m


swim final

17:41 Men's 800m free form final

17:58 Women's 100m free form semifinal

18:09 Men

's 200m back swim semifinal 18:22 Women's 200m flat swim semifinal

18:35 Men's 200m individual medley semifinal

Road to representative offer

[Conditions for unofficial decision to represent the Tokyo Olympics]

The unofficial decision condition for individual events is that in the final race in which eight people from the Japan Championships compete, each event "breaks the standard dispatch record and then enters second place." ..

The standard dispatch record is an original standard set by the Japan Swimming Federation to select athletes who are expected to advance to the finals at the Olympic Games, and the time that can remain in the finals of eight people at the world championships held in the middle of the year is a guide. I am.

For the relay event, a separate dispatch standard record is set, and in the 400m relay, if the total time of the top 4 of the 100m freestyle is exceeded, those 4 people will be unofficially decided, and if it is not exceeded, it will be dispatched. It is said that players who have exceeded the "one-person average" by dividing the standard record by 4 will be unofficially decided.

[Standard record for dispatching the final event on the 5th day of the tournament]

▽ Men's 100m freestyle: 48 seconds 33

▽ Women's 200m butterfly: 2 minutes 08 seconds 43

▽ Men's 200m breaststroke: 2 minutes 08 seconds 28

▽ Men's 800m freestyle: 7 minutes 48 seconds 12