This interview contains explosives.

Zsolt Petry, the Hungarian goalkeeping coach at Hertha BSC, spoke to the Hungarian daily newspaper "Magyar Nemzet" on the subjects of homosexuality and immigration and thus caused some irritation.

In an interview with the Hungarian media close to the government, he criticized the work of goalkeeper Péter Gulácsi from RB Leipzig for an association that supports gay marriage, among other things.

He does not understand what made his compatriot Gulácsi "stand up for homosexuals, transvestites and people with other gender identities," said Petry.

Engaged in many situations: Leipzig goalkeeper Peter Gulácsi

Source: AP / Laszlo Balogh

Hertha BSC wants to discuss the issue internally first

The 54-year-old, who has worked for the Berliners since 2015, takes a conservative approach himself.

Even when it comes to migration.

“I don't understand how Europe could sink as morally as it is now.

… Europe is a Christian continent, I don't like to see the moral decline that is sweeping the continent, ”said Petry.

And further: "The liberals inflate the opposing opinions: If you do not find migration a good thing, because an awful lot of criminals have overflowed Europe - then they will immediately accuse you of being a racist."


There was a lot of criticism for Petry's statements on Easter Monday on social media.

Fans also asked Hertha and sports director Arne Friedrich to respond to the interview.

This did not exist at first.

Hertha will “first of all discuss the issue with Zsolt Petry promptly,” it said.