The match between Roda JC and Almere City FC was stopped on Monday due to heavy snowfall.

After more than an hour of play, the referee concluded that it was impossible to continue playing on the artificial grass of the Parkstad Limburg Stadium.

When it started to snow harder after the break, the white ball was replaced by an orange one.

The lines were also kept as clean as possible, but that also turned out not to be enough to continue playing.

After exactly 67 minutes, referee Ingmar Oostrom decided to send everyone to the dressing room.

Employees of Roda JC try to make the lines visible again with snow shovels.

It is unclear whether the match can still be played on Easter Monday.

On the field, Roda JC and Almere City provided little spectacle.

In the game between the number eight and three of the Kitchen Champion Division it is still 0-0.