Despite a rather disappointing performance, the Marseillais made the good operation of the 31st day of Ligue 1. -

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  • Olympique de Marseille is one point behind Lens, 5th, in Ligue 1, after the victory against Dijon (2-0) on Sunday night.

  • Jorge Sampaoli, OM coach, warned that the changes introduced by his staff "will take time" to materialize.

  • Alvaro detailed these changes in terms of system, physics, pressing and animation.

At the Velodrome stadium,

Olympique de Marseille beat Dijon 2 goals to 0 Sunday night at the Stade Vélodrome at the end of the 31st day of Ligue 1. A good accounting operation since the Marseillais come back one point behind Lens, 5th, and continue to hope for a qualification in the European Cup.

But in terms of playing quality, the Sampaoli effect is slow to materialize.

“The players are working on understanding a new system, it will take time.

Today, we had control, we had digital advantages.

But we did not know how to materialize clear opportunities and the game remained open.

But we are working to structure the team differently.

It will take time to have an effective way of playing but there are already perceptible aspects of evolution, ”conceded the Argentine coach.

"We changed a lot of things"

Important changes, which took on their full meaning in the mouth of Alvaro, author of the 2nd goal on Sunday night despite an operation in the hand during the truce.

“We changed a lot of things, he repeated at least three times.

We changed the system, we still have to work physically, on the pressure, the animation ”, detailed the defender, insisting on the physical aspect.

The reason for a fairly average collective service?

The Marseillais have only scored three times, for two goals, scored each time on set pieces shot by Dimitri Payet.

The Dijon defense, five, did not, either, facilitate the task of OM.

“We will find this pattern against very tightly regrouped teams and defenses.

We must know how to fix them, move them, ”warned Jorge Sampaoli.

Dimitri Payet's two missed opportunities in the second half could have made things easier for OM.

"We must play better"

Sampaoli's objective for the end of the season, which is fast approaching since there are only seven league games remaining, focuses on the quality of play, and only the quality of play. "The objective will happen through our progress.

We have to play better.

We want to help the team to go as high as possible but by playing, by attacking.

So we can talk about ranking objectives.

What we are working on is putting in place a playing philosophy to live up to the history of this club, ”Sampaoli wishes.

"We are working for next year, but we are also working to make this change as quickly as possible," said Alvaro.

The minimum would be to hang this 5th qualifying place for the Europa League Conference for "the history of this club", and for that, the changes must take place from Montpellier, an opponent much more difficult than Dijon, next Saturday.


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