Oliver Kahn sounded euphoric.

“This is how you start the holidays!” Wrote the board of directors of FC Bayern Saturday evening on Twitter.

The goalkeeping legend described the 1-0 win at RB Leipzig in the top game of the Bundesliga as a “big step in the title race”.

It was probably even the decision in the fight for the German championship, the German soccer record champion is now seven points ahead of the runners-up from Saxony with seven outstanding games in the Bundesliga.

"Now we want to enjoy Easter, on Wednesday we have to be ready for the next big challenge," said Kahn.

Then the team will meet Paris St. Germain in the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League.

Kahn himself is also facing a challenge.

The personality of Hans-Dieter "Hansi" Flick will be the first test for him at Bayern.

In December, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge retires as CEO, Kahn then rises to chairman of the board, making him the most powerful man in the club.

Kahn is currently avoiding statements from summer onwards


This summer, Kahn has to set the course for the future of Bavaria.

For him it is important to hold Flick.

The successful coach could succeed Joachim Löw as national coach.

Löw has announced that he will stop after the EM planned for the summer.

Rummenigge is an important confidante for Flick.

How does Flick see the perspective without the experienced club boss?

His relationship with sports director Hasan Salihamidzic is strained.

Flick's decision would also depend on how much he trusts Kahn.

And to what extent he can imagine working with him and without Rummenigge from January onwards.

Is Kahn more of a Salihamidzic man?

Or rather in the Flick camp?

Exciting questions that many experts and fans are currently asking themselves.

A management duo until December: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Oliver Kahn.

From summer Kahn will have more and more responsibility - and has to keep coach Hansi Flick

Source: dpa

Was the last time he spoke to Flick about the subject?

Kahn avoided statements about Flick's future beyond the current season when answering this question at Sky on Saturday.

“I've had one or two conversations with Hansi in the past few weeks and couldn't find out in these conversations that he has big tendencies when it comes to the national team,” said Kahn.

"He is fully focused on FC Bayern Munich."


The German Football Association (DFB) had assured that when looking for a successor for Löw, it would not talk to coaches who were still under contract.

Flick is tied with Bayern until the summer of 2023.

"He wants to win the next championship, of course," said Kahn about Flick.

"I couldn't tell that his thoughts went in the direction of the national team."

Flick himself persists in not commenting on the speculations about his future and Löw's successor.

“After this season, I'll go on vacation first.

Everything that comes after that, I've already said everything, “said the coach after the win against RB in response to a question from the record national player Lothar Matthäus on Sky.


Flick has so far not made a clear statement at the time beyond the season.

On Saturday he evaded the question of whether he would still be Bayern coach next season at Sky several times.

The personnel will continue to determine the issues at FC Bayern in the coming weeks.

There are many indications that Flick is attracted to the job as national coach.