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We will keep you informed of the five games on this Sunday in the Eredivisie.

  • LIVE:

  • Heerenveen-Ajax 


  • FC Emmen-RKC 


  • Results:

  • Feyenoord-Fortuna 2-0

  • PSV-Heracles 3-0

  • ADO-Utrecht 1-4

sc Heerenveen-Ajax · a few seconds ago

7 'No big opportunities in Heerenveen yet.

After a mistake in the build-up, Klaassen can become dangerous, but Haller's pass is just not made to measure.

FC Emmen-RKC Waalwijk · a few seconds ago

1 'We also play football in Emmen! 

The points are desperately needed for the home team, but RKC can also use them well.

a few seconds ago

sc Heerenveen-Ajax · a few seconds ago

1 'Heerenveen-Ajax is on the way! 

Scherpen makes his Eredivisie debut as Ajax goalkeeper for the team from Amsterdam.

Due to the goalkeeper change, Timber starts as a right back and Álvarez as a central defender.

Rensch is now a midfielder.

Eredivisie · a few seconds ago

The players enter the field in Heerenveen and Emmen.

We'll be playing football in a few minutes!

PSV-Heracles Almelo · a few seconds ago

Ihattaren had another 'message' after his goal against Heracles Almelo:


Mo after the 3-0: 'No one who can destroy me' #psvher


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sc Heerenveen-Ajax · a few seconds ago

Change at Ajax! 

Not Maarten Stekelenburg, but Kjell Scherpen is under the bar with the Amsterdammers.

Stekelenburg would have fallen on his knee incorrectly during the warm-up,

Ajax Life



ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht a few seconds ago

🔄 - ADO Den Haag has now used 37 different players this Eredivisie season, a new season record.

FC Utrecht used 36 different players in 2014/2015.

#adoutr #Eredivisie


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a few seconds ago

Eredivisie · a few seconds ago

We continue like this with the last two Eredivisie matches of this Sunday:

  • Heerenveen-Ajax

  • FC Emmen-RKC

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht a few seconds ago

A special win today for FC Utrecht:

5 - FC Utrecht have won five consecutive away games in the Eredivisie for the first time in their club history.



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ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht a few seconds ago


It is also over in The Hague.

FC Utrecht records a big victory at ADO: 1-4!

The home team is more deeply concerned about the fight against relegation.

Utrecht is doing good business in the battle for European football.

PSV-Heracles Almelo · a few seconds ago


PSV wins in-house 3-0 against Heracles Almelo without any problems and is again the number two in the Eredivisie.

Donyell Malen, Denzel Dumfries and Mohamed Ihattaren score the goals.

PSV-Heracles Almelo · a few seconds ago

90 + 2 'GOAL PSV! 


Still a moment of excitement in Eindhoven!

Ihattaren is played on the right, cuts to his left and beautifully curls the ball into the far top corner.

a few seconds ago

PSV-Heracles Almelo · a few seconds ago

90 'We get an extra four minutes in Eindhoven.

PSV will beat Heracles and take over second place from AZ.

PSV-Heracles Almelo · a few seconds ago

86 'The substitute Ihattaren shows himself for a while with a dangerous bet, but the shot of the youngster rolls in front.

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht a few seconds ago

80 'Simon Gustafson can only go to the goal and ensure 1-5, but the bet of the Utrecht playmaker is simply too weak.

PSV-Heracles Almelo · a few seconds ago

The man who assisted PSV with both goals?

That's this Olivier Boscagli.

The Frenchman makes a great impression on PSV's midfield.

At the moment we have to make do with these kinds of facts, because almost nothing happens in Eindhoven anymore.

There are still about nine minutes left on the clock.

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht one minute ago

74 'GOAL FC Utrecht! 


No, the tension is not back at all.

Utrecht immediately strikes back and comes to 1-4.

A bang from Adam Maher changes direction a bit, but flies beautifully in the top corner.

one minute ago

ADO The Hague-FC Utrecht 3 minutes ago

72 'GOAL ADO! 


Jonas Arweiler does something back on behalf of the home team by sliding the ball out of the turn into the far corner.

To say that the tension is back, may go a bit far, but the home team gives itself something to hold on to.

PSV-Heracles Almelo 6 minutes ago

We start with the last twenty minutes in Eindhoven.

PSV has it completely under control after the break.

The home team also creates relatively little, but that is not necessary given the intermediate score.

FC Emmen-RKC Waalwijk 9 minutes ago


Emmen and RKC will also start their Eredivisie game at 4.45 p.m.

Marko Kolar is missing from the home team due to a corona infection.

These are the lineups:

FC Emmen

: Verrips;

Ax, Araújo, Bakker, Cavlan;

Frei, Bernadou, Peña, Vlak;

Adzic, De Leeuw.


: Lamprou;

Bakari, Meulensteen, Touba, Quasten;

Van der Venne, Anita, Tahiri;

Daneels, Oosting, John.

PSV-Heracles Almelo 14 minutes ago

64 'This is a nice opportunity for PSV.

Gakpo can head at the far post after a measured cross from the right, but the attacker's effort goes straight to Heracles goalkeeper Blaswich.

PSV-Heracles Almelo 18 minutes ago

60 'We played for an hour.

The second half has not yet produced a single moment of excitement and PSV thinks that is fine with this 2-0 score.

18 minutes ago

PSV-Heracles Almelo 25 minutes ago

53 'PSV also has a lot of ball possession after the break, but for the time being there have not been any chances in the second company.

The Eindhoven team still lead 2-0.

ADO The Hague-FC Utrecht 29 minutes ago

46 'We are also playing football again in The Hague! 

FC Utrecht leads 0-3, but was forced to change Mimoun Mahi and Bart Ramselaar.

sc Heerenveen-Ajax 31 minutes ago


And these are the eleven names of sc Heerenveen for the match with Ajax.

Former Ajax players Siem de Jong and Lasse Schöne have a basic place.


: Mulder;

Floranus, Van Hecke, Bochniewicz, Kaib;

Schöne, Halilovic, Joey Veerman, De Jong;

Henk Veerman, Van Bergen.

𝐎𝐩𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐜 𝐇𝐞𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐞𝐧 🔵⚪️❤️ #HEEAJA


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PSV-Heracles Almelo 32 minutes ago

46 'The ball is rolling again in Eindhoven! 

The second half at PSV-Heracles Almelo (2-0) is underway.

sc Heerenveen-Ajax 36 minutes ago


So Daley Blind is missing at Ajax, but Sébastien Haller and Jurriën Timber are fit enough to play again and therefore start in the base.

The team from Amsterdam kicked off against sc Heerenveen at 4.45 pm.


: Stekelenburg;

Rensch, Timber, Martinez, Tagliafico;

Álvarez, Gravenberch, Klaassen;

Neres, Haller, Tadic.

Eredivisie one hour ago

It is peace in Eindhoven and The Hague! 

  • PSV-Heracles 2-0

  • ADO-Utrecht 0-3

PSV-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

45 'Mario Götze dribbles into the penalty area from the left and looks for the far corner, but is sufficiently hindered by Heracles defenders, so that the bet goes just wide.

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht one hour ago

44 'GOAL FC Utrecht! 


A wonderful goal from Othman Boussaid!

The attacker beautifully curls the ball in the top corner after a bet by Ramselaar was blocked.

PSV-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

42 'Yvon Mvogo really has to take action there.

The PSV goalkeeper has two answers to Delano Burgzorg's bets, one of which from close by in the short corner.

PSV-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

40 'We are heading towards peace and quiet in Eindhoven.

After Dumfries' 2-0, we have not seen any opportunities for a while.

PSV is on its way to second place in the Eredivisie, because AZ will be passed again with a victory.

PSV-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

The moment Dumfries heads PSV at 2-0.

We are now in the 34th minute and the Eindhoven team still lead 2-0 against Heracles.

For the time being it is a very pleasant afternoon for the number three in the Eredivisie.

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht one hour ago

28 ' 


There, ADO escapes a 0-3 deficit.

Bart Ramselaar is found with a nice pass, but then shoots the ball with the right on the aluminum.

PSV-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

It was an early party in Eindhoven.

PSV seems to be booking a simple home win.

Heracles will really have to step up a gear to make something of this duel.

PSV-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

23 'Almost grinding!

PSV rumbles on and almost comes to 3-0 via Malen.

Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich returns the shot of the Orange international.

PSV-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

22 'GOAL PSV! 


In this way, PSV will have an extremely pleasant afternoon!

The home team also scores on the second real chance of this game.

Captain Denzel Dumfries heads in the far corner after a good cross from Boscagli.

PSV-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

19 'Apart from Malen's goal, we have seen little in terms of opportunities in Eindhoven.

PSV has a lot of the ball and leads 1-0 against Heracles.

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht one hour ago

17 'GOAL FC Utrecht! 


Things are going fast in The Hague!

Joris van Overeem is released and pokes the ball in the corner with his right foot.

In this way, ADO must fear that it will not be beaten.

PSV-Heracles Almelo one hour ago

Ryan Thomas is injured in the stands and sees that it is good so far.

After fifteen minutes of play, PSV leads 1-0 against Heracles Almelo.

ADO Den Haag-FC Utrecht one hour ago

10 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


The ban has also been broken in The Hague!

Kerk, who had just missed a big opportunity, is found in the depth and does not fail face to face with ADO goalkeeper Martin Fraisl.

PSV-Heracles Almelo one hour ago



At the first real chance of PSV it is also immediately hit!

Donyell Malen breaks through on the left, comes in and then hits the short corner.

PSV-Heracles Almelo 2 hours ago

4 'No opportunities yet in Eindhoven.

Heracles is in great shape and will make it difficult for PSV today.

The people of Eindhoven cannot afford a mistake.

ADO The Hague-FC Utrecht 2 hours ago

1 'Utrecht is immediately dangerous!

Gyrano Kerk can already take care of 0-1, but shoots with the outside right just wide of the ADO goal.

Fun fact for the home team by the way: Cain Seedorf (21), a nephew of Clarence Seedorf, makes his debut at ADO.

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