The first round of the women's golf domestic tour tournament was held in Shizuoka Prefecture, and three players, including Sakura Kogure, who was the top prize money ranking, ranked first with 6 unders.

With two wins in four games, the top prize money player, Kogure, has six birdies and a stable play without bogies, with a six-under.

In addition, Ayaka Takahashi and 19-year-old Mimu Yamashita, who finished 3rd in the previous week's tournament, also turned 6 under, and 3 of them were in the lead.

Lala Anai is in 4th place with a one-stroke difference, and Momoko Ueda is in fifth place with a one-stroke difference.

Hinako Shibuno and Yuka Saso, who is second in the prize money ranking, have not participated in the tournament in the United States.