Details of the Tokyo Paralympics torch relay were announced, and in August, more than 880 locations nationwide were torched in a way that took advantage of regional characteristics, and the torch was held in 35 local governments in four prefectures. After the relay, the fire will be collected in Tokyo and lit to the torch.

The Tokyo Paralympic torch has been collected at more than 880 locations nationwide since August 12, after the Olympics, as a fire that reflects the Paralympic Games' symbiotic society in a way that makes the most of the characteristics of each region. I will.

Of these, in Sagamihara City, fire was lit at Tsukui Yamayurien, a facility for people with intellectual disabilities that killed 19 residents, as well as areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, as well as the Flame of Peace in Hiroshima City. Fire is taken in various ways.

And in the four prefectures of Shizuoka, Chiba, Saitama, and Tokyo where the competition is held, a holy fire relay is held along with the fire, Shizuoka is the five local governments from Atami City to Hamamatsu City on August 17, and Chiba is on the 18th. Chiba City and Saitama will visit six local governments from Satte City to Asaka City on the 19th.

After a relay in five wards of Tokyo on the 20th, a fire collection ceremony will be held to collect the fires from England, which originated in the Paralympics, and the fires from all over the country.

From the 21st, the ceremony will be relayed in 18 cities and wards in Tokyo, the ceremony will be held in Edogawa Ward on the 21st, Kokubunji City on the 22nd, and Setagaya Ward on the 23rd. Will be done.

The Games Organizing Committee further detailed route of the torch relay, we are to be published on such website to prospect for May.