The picture shows Ke Jie.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zeng Nai

  China News Service, March 30. A few days ago, Ke Jie once again mentioned his views on Go artificial intelligence on personal social media.

He bluntly said that he did not want AI to appear, because its appearance made Go lose its beauty.

  "For me, I don't want AI to appear. Because AI can close the gap between chess players to a large extent. For higher-level chess players, the first 50 moves may be able to open the gap through the layout. There are now all With AI, there are tools to assist players, and chess players will play in full accordance with AI. The older generation of chess players may feel that the current chess has lost the beauty of the past, because they are played in the same way as AI. "Ke Jie said.

  At the same time, Ke Jie also believes that AI has made the Go industry more and more competitive: "In the past, I thought it was easier to win a game of chess. Now it is getting more and more difficult. Human players are all learning from artificial intelligence. Everyone knows how to make the layout."

  In 2017, Ke Jie and the artificial intelligence "AlphaGo" had three duels, and Ke Jie finally lost 0:3.

Today, Ke Jie’s free time is almost all spent on researching AI. He said: “I am more painful to see AI now, because I know I can’t make a better chess than AI.”

  Although Ke Jie has no way to defeat artificial intelligence, he also believes that artificial intelligence has promoted the development of Go.

"Before AlphaGo appeared, the impression of chess players from the outside world was still a master with white hair and fairy style. But after seeing me, everyone felt like a child with a hairy head. For us Go players, it is also very Thank you Alpha Dog for being able to come out to defeat Li Shishi and defeat me. In this way, Go is completely out of the circle and let more people know that China has such a powerful national quintessence." (End)