Image source: Official Weibo of the F1 World Championship.

  China News Service, March 30. According to the official news of the F1 World Championship, Hamilton set the record for the most leading laps in F1 history with 5126 laps.

  In the Bahrain Grand Prix held on the 29th, Beijing time, Hamilton had a breathtaking start to the new season.

After the race, Hamilton's leading lap reached 5126 laps, surpassing Schumacher's previous 5111 laps, successfully leading the driver with the most laps in F1 history.

  Last month, the F1 Mercedes team officially announced that it had successfully renewed its contract with the seventh crown champion Hamilton, and the two sides signed a one-year contract.

Hamilton also launched an impact on his eighth personal championship.

  At the beginning of the season, Hamilton faced a more powerful challenge.

In qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix, Red Bull driver Verstappen completed the fastest lap of the game at 1:28.997 at the last minute and won the first shot of the season with a score of 0.388 ahead of Hamilton.

After the race started, facing Verstappen's chase and interception, although Hamilton finally won the championship, Red Bull's lap speed surpassed Mercedes-Benz.

  Hamilton said bluntly after the game: "This is one of my toughest games in a long time." However, the 2021 season has just begun, and for Hamilton, the dream of eight crowns is not far away.