National coach Erwin van de Looi of the Dutch Juniors has made it clear to German coach Stefan Kuntz that they are not supposed to draw 2-2 in the final group match at the European Championship against Romania on Tuesday.

With such a salon draw, both Germany and Romania advance to the quarter-finals and the Juniors are out of the tournament.

"We saw each other on Saturday after the game," Kuntz said with a smile at a press conference on Monday.

"Van de Looi said that if we draw 2-2, he will come to Germany to kill me."

"I looked at him then. He is quite tall, taller than I am. I then told him that I like it when he comes to Germany, but to have a cup of coffee instead of being murdered."

If Romania and Germany play a draw and the Netherlands wins against Hungary, Germany, Romania and the Netherlands all have 5 points in group A. The mutual goal difference between those three teams will be ahead of the overall goal difference.

Since the Netherlands played 1-1 against both Romania and Germany, those two countries stay ahead of the Juniors at 2-2 or a higher tie.

Group A European Championship under 21 standings

  • 1. Germany 2-4

  • 2. Romania 2-4

  • 3. The Netherlands 2-2

  • 4. Hungary 2-0

Germany focuses on its own game

Van de Looi and Kuntz know each other from webinars and draws for tournaments.

"There is a lot of sympathy between Erwin and me," said Kuntz more seriously.

"We will focus on our own game tomorrow. Our first goal is to win against Romania," said the former striker, who played 25 caps for Germany.

"And if we win, Erwin will be a satisfied man too."

Both Jong Oranje-Jong Hungary and the game between Germany and Romania start on Tuesday at 6 PM.

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