China News Service, March 26. Beijing time on the 26th, the Tokyo Olympic torch relay entered its second day. According to Japanese media reports, the torch was extinguished again during the relay that day.

After the accident, the relevant personnel immediately re-ignited the torch, allowing the torch relay ceremony to resume.

Screenshots of Japanese media reports.

  This is not the first time the Tokyo Olympic flame has been extinguished.

In early March 2020, the Tokyo Olympic flame was collected at the Hera Temple in Olympia, Greece, and was transported to Miyagi Prefecture, Japan by a transit flight on the 20th of that month.

However, at the welcoming ceremony, when the staff transferred the fire to the holy brazier, there was a sudden strong wind on the scene, and the holy fire was accidentally extinguished during the handover.

  About 30 minutes later, the torch was reignited. Although the organizers used improvisations and other means to buy time for the torch, it was still difficult to alleviate the embarrassment.

  On the morning of March 25 this year, local time, the launch ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic torch relay was held at the J-Village National Training Center in Fukushima Prefecture.

The Tokyo Olympic flame relay was launched from Fukushima Prefecture.

  According to Japanese media reports, the torch was accidentally extinguished during the torch relay in Tomioka Town. Although the relay was temporarily suspended, it did not cause much trouble. The torch was quickly reignited.

The on-duty torchbearer said, "It scared me when it went out, but fortunately, I will re-order it immediately."

  After the torch relay on the first day, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee held a press conference and commented that the relay on the first day was "smoothly proceeding with no major problems."

  Regarding the failure of the torch to extinguish, Toshiro Muto, CEO of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said: "Although the cause is still under investigation, we envisaged that such a thing would happen, so let the preparation fire go along. (Once extinguished) follow the procedure to continue the ignition So there are no special problems."