Professional baseball Lotte announced that Nobuhiko Matsunaka, the only triple crown in Heisei who served as a temporary coach at this spring camp, will continue to coach as a temporary hitting coach during the season.

Mr. Matsunaka is 47 years old.

He joined Daiei, the predecessor of Softbank, and played an active role as a smasher. In 2004, he was the only triple crown to win all major batting averages, home runs, and RBI titles.

With the intention of coach Tadahito Iguchi, who joined Daiei at the same time, he was instructed as a temporary batter coach during this spring camp and open games.

And on the 26th, the team announced that Mr. Matsunaka will continue to coach as a temporary coach during the season.

From now on, I will join the practice regularly while adjusting the schedule.

Mr. Matsunaka said, "I am grateful to have continued to talk about this. I hope I can help the players improve their performance as much as possible. I am really looking forward to the team with many powerful players." I am commenting.