Gymnastics Kohei Uchimura has indicated that he intends to forgo participation in multiple events required to represent the group at the Tokyo Olympics representative selection meeting starting in April.

Uchimura is aiming for the Tokyo Olympics by devoting himself to the horizontal bar for each event, but the Japan Gymnastics Association may be selected as a representative of the group if he participates in multiple events at the selection meeting even if he is a player devoted to each event. I was summarizing the standards.

Uchimura, who has won the gold medal for the second consecutive Olympic Games, is aiming for the Tokyo Olympics by focusing on the horizontal bar for each event from the all-around competition in the sixth event, taking into consideration shoulder pain and other factors.

The Japan Gymnastics Association has said that even athletes who are devoted to each event will be selected as members of the Tokyo Olympics men's team if they participate in multiple events in the national selection competition and achieve a certain level of good results. The selection criteria are summarized.

Uchimura also considered aiming to become a representative in the group, but since working on events other than the horizontal bar will affect the physical condition, etc., we will move to multiple events necessary to meet the selection criteria of the group. He indicated his intention to forgo participation.

Uchimura, who played an active role as the center of the team until the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, will be absent from the men's team and will face the Tokyo Olympics.

Uchimura said, "Of course I had a desire to do it as a group, and from mid-January I seriously worked on pommel horses and vaulting horses, but my body hurt and I didn't want to give up. There were some, but if you pursued that, you might not be able to go to the Olympics, "he said.

Uchimura will be selected for the national team starting next month at the All Japan Championship with the aim of participating in the Tokyo Olympics by event.