During the day, Janne Andersson held a press conference before the World Cup qualifier against Georgia, which will be played tomorrow at Friends Arena.

- It's great fun with the match tomorrow.

It is a new chapter to be written with the World Cup qualifier.

We have had two great workouts so far.

We have also done covid tests and all were negative, which is positive, says Janne Andersson.

Some who will miss tomorrow's match are Marcus Berg, Andreas Granqvist and Joakim Nilsson.

- They will not come to play tomorrow.

Marcus Berg is not complete yet, that Granqvist would play was already clear.

Then we have good coverage and therefore Joakim Nilsson will not be with.

That's just what it's about, says the league captain.

Two matches in three days

- I have already decided in advance for changes in the starting eleven between the matches.

We only have two days between matches.

If I were to play an eleven today, I'm not sure the same player would have played as well in the next match.

Many national teams switch between matches, this is the first time I reason in this way, says Janne.

World Cup in Qatar

Sebastian Larsson also commented on their views on the World Cup in Qatar.

- I think it is good that things are done for such basic things in this world.

From our side, the union has had a policy and a line for five years.

This is something we are all behind, says Sebastian Larsson.

- What's going on in Qatar, with the workers and everything.

It is reprehensible, period, Larsson states.

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Janne Andersson has welcomed Zlatan back to the national team.

Photo: SVT / BildbyrÄn