What is your spontaneous feeling about the recruitment?


I think it is expected.

It has been in the air for a while and I also think he has signaled that he is on his way home.

That it would be official soon was completely expected for me, says Markus Johannesson to SVT Sport.

What do you say about IFK Gothenburg's investment?

- I think it is interesting.

What will be exciting is to see if you can bring in a couple of young players who can get playing time together with their experienced new acquisitions, says Johannesson.

How do you see Markus Berg as a player?

- I like Markus Berg and that type of player, sometimes we forget the importance of having the play point that is very smart in their game and that you as a teammate know where you have all the time.

It is his strength, you know what you are getting and he is extremely skilled at finding the right surfaces for himself and for the team, he says.

What do you think about the Allsvenskan getting so many profiles?

- Super good from a commercial purpose and for the interest around the Allsvenskan, it is very positive.

For all returnees plus foreign stars like Hamsik, it is obviously positive that they choose to play their last years in the Allsvenskan.

That they can share their knowledge, it can develop Swedish football, says Markus Johannesson.

ARCHIVE: From the archive: Marcus Berg in IFK Gothenburg (March 22)

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From the archive: Marcus Berg in IFK Gothenburg