The Para-Athletics Japan Championship reached its final day on the 21st, and due to bad weather with strong rain and wind, records did not grow in many competitions, and no player approached the unofficial decision of the Tokyo Paralympics.

The Para-Athletics Japan Championships will start in Tokyo on the 20th, and if you set a record of 6th place or less in the world ranking, you will be much closer to the Tokyo Paralympic Games representative, so all the top-class athletes in Japan who are aiming to participate have come together.

However, on the 21st of the second day, it was a harsh condition with heavy rain and wind from the morning.

Yuta Wakao, who is ranked 7th in the world in the men's javelin throwing visually impaired class, could be ranked 6th if he breaks his 58m40cm Japanese record by more than 70cm in this tournament. Although he won the championship, the record was only 51 meters and 27 centimeters.

Wakao said with tears, "It's a shame that I ended up with a disappointing result. I want to go home and practice so that I can connect to the Tokyo Paralympics."

Throughout the first and second days of this tournament, all the athletes who were ranked 7th or lower in the world aiming to participate in the Tokyo Paralympics could not set a record within 6th place, and no athlete was newly approaching the offer.

The players will aim to be in the 6th place at the record meeting to be held in Yokohama City from March 27th.

In addition, Tomoe Sato, who has just turned professional and has already decided to participate in the Tokyo tournament, also participated in the men's 1500 meters, which holds the world record, but it is less than 20 seconds to his own record3 I stayed at the time of minutes 48.09.

Sato said, "I couldn't lift my feelings in the rain race. I would like to reassemble the practice menu and make adjustments to break the world record and win the gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics."

Strengthening Technical Director "I feel lacking"

Yasuhiro Harada, Technical Director of the Japan Para Athletics Federation, said, "This tournament was decided to hold as many unofficial candidates as possible, but the players on the last line could not raise the world ranking. I feel unsatisfactory. "

He added, "I think it's the athletes who are in good condition at any time, no matter what the situation, so I'd like you to do your best based on what you made a mistake this time. Next week, there will be a recording session, and once again. Some players have a chance, so I want them to win the offer. "