Stina Nilsson's debut is perhaps a little extra impressive considering the tough conditions in Östersund with strong winds.

- It was not easy, with the wind and everything.

This is very new to her.

That she can handle the situation shows that she is a competitive person.

She has raised her level, says Lukas.

What will be most important for Stina to continue to develop in the same way?

- I think we have learned a lot about the basics of shooting and safety on the dike.

Now you have to have a lot of focus on skiing as well, not just shooting focus.

In the track, Stina Nilsson has not stuck out as much as some had expected.

In her World Cup debut, she has not been the fastest Swede on the track.

- She obviously has the opportunity to develop skiing.

This summer there was a lot of focus on shooting and she also had a fracture in her elbow.

It was not a perfect training year if you think physically.

Then one should not forget that the best skiers in biathlon are among the best skiers in the world.

It's not just about putting on the rifle and going fast in the biathlon world, says the league captain.

CLIP: Impressive World Cup debut by Stina Nilsson

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Stina Nilsson.

Photo: Bildbyrån