After Ralf Rangnick's rejection of FC Schalke 04, supervisory board member Stefan Gesenhues has apparently resigned.

“I no longer see any successful collaboration.

There is no longer any prospect of getting involved in the way I would have liked.

I communicated my decision on Sunday morning, ”said the 66-year-old at Sport1.

The club was not yet aware of this.

Gesenhues had mediated between the Supervisory Board and a group of representatives from business and politics in the past few days.

This group, to which the former Schalke professional Ingo Anderbrügge belonged, put massive pressure on the supervisory board and called for Rangnick to join the sport as a sports director.

In fact, supervisory board chairman Jens Buchta had started talks with Rangnicks advisor Marc Kosicke.

A few hours before the Schalke 0: 3 on Saturday evening against Borussia Mönchengladbach, Rangnick had canceled.

The background is "indiscretions of both groups" on Schalke, it is said from the coach's environment: "It cannot be that half of Schalke knows about the talks".

"Sound out everything again"


This rejection is definitive.

The conversation announced by Supervisory Board Chairman Jens Buchta for Monday will no longer take place.

Buchta was also informed on Saturday that there would be one more conversation.

Buchta himself had stated on the sidelines of the game against Gladbach that he wanted to speak to Kosicke again on Monday in order to “sound out everything again”.

Stefan Gesenhues is leaving the Schalke Supervisory Board

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For the team and their new coach Dimitrios Grammozis, the situation remains hopeless after the 18th season defeat.

On Sunday, the gap to a non-relegation place could grow to 14 points.

The club has long been in the planning for the second division.

Without a nod, as is now finally clear.

Recording from 2011: At that time, Rangnick was a coach at Schalke, he will not be head of sport now

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