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  • Eredivisie

  • LIVE:

  • AZ-PSV 1-0

  • Vitesse-Willem II 0-0

  • Program:

  • 4.45 pm:

  • Heracles Almelo-Sparta Rotterdam

  • 8 pm:

  • Ajax-ADO The Hague

  • Rash:

  • PEC-VVV 2-1

AZ-PSV · in one day

Jesper Karlsson's opening goal is not only a very important one for AZ, it is also an anniversary goal.

It is namely the 500th Eredivisie goal by AZ in the AFAS Stadium.

The very first came on August 19, 2006 to Danny Koevermans, in an 8-1 win over NAC Breda.

AZ-PSV · in one day

11 'What a chance for PSV to equalize!

Teun Koopmeiners makes a horrible mistake in the build-up and hands the ball on a silver platter to Götze.

However, it shoots very poorly, so that Koopmeiners can still correct his mistake.

The ball goes just wide via the AZ captain.

AZ-PSV · in one day

10 'First opportunity for PSV.

Eran Zahavi does not get a shot, after which the ball ends up with Mario Götze, who shoots wide.

in one day

AZ-PSV · in one day

7 'Again, Wijndal gets over it at Karlsson very quickly.

The goalscorer now gives in to Wijndal, instead of going in himself.

The left back puts back to Calvin Stengs, but he misses the ball.

AZ-PSV · in one day

4 'GOAL AZ! 


What a dream start for the Alkmaarders!

It is a typical AZ attack, with a back, Owen Wijndal, flying over it with the winger, Jesper Karlsson.

Wijndal's running action gives Karlsson space to pull in and the Swede hits the short corner.

Vitesse-Willem II · in one day

2 'The first danger in the GelreDome comes from Mike Trésor's foot.

Vitesse goalkeeper Pasveer can easily keep the ball out of the goal.

AZ-PSV · in one day

1 'Kick-off! 

The topper in Alkmaar has begun!

Who will hit the competitor hard for second place?

Vitesse-Willem II · in one day

1 'Kick-off!

The ball rolls in Arnhem and that means that Vitesse-Willem II has started.

in one day

AZ-PSV · in one day

In five minutes the first whistle will sound in Alkmaar, where second place is at stake.

Can PSV finally win a top match again?

In that case, the people of Eindhoven take a big step towards second place.

However, AZ won the last three Eredivisie matches against PSV.

Should a fourth victory be added today, the Alkmaarders will be on par with PSV.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

Van Polen: "Things were a lot better in the second half"

Bram van Polen realizes how important PEC's victory over VVV is.

"RKC won yesterday, then you have to win yourself. We took a big step today. The first half was not you, but in the second half it was a lot better," said the captain on 



Van Polen was also happy for Slobodan Tedic, who was mainly injured this season, but was now finally important for PEC.

"He was really good today, that's nice. He's a good boy, so you really want him to be important now. And for us it is also very good."

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day


Jos Luhukay's debut at VVV falls into the water, because it is PEC Zwolle that runs away from the bottom places with a 2-1 victory.

All goals were scored in the second half.

Slobodan Tedic, who was finally fit again, gave PEC the lead with his first goal in Zwolle, after which Roy Gelmi quickly leveled the score with his first VVV goal.

The winning goal came from a penalty kick, used by Thomas Lam.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

90 + 3 'PEC tries to keep VVV far away from their own goal and Bert Konterman's team succeeds very well.

Konterman seems on his way to his first victory as a coach of PEC.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

90 'There are five more minutes in Zwolle.

in one day

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

88 'The VVV final offensive is not really getting off the ground yet.

For the time being, PEC is holding onto the lead without too much effort.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

Both Tedic's opening goal and Gelmi's equalizer were a special goal.

Tedic is the first Serb to score for PEC in the Eredivisie, while Gelmi is the first Swiss to do that for VVV.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

79 'GOAL PEC Zwolle! 


Thomas Lam remains icily calm, sends Kirschbaum the wrong way and puts PEC ahead for the second time in this game.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

78 'Penalty kick PEC Zwolle!

After viewing the images, Oostrom still gives a penalty for Kum's foul on Pherai.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

77 'Pherai is kicked on the heels by Kum, but referee Oostrom does not give a penalty kick in the first instance.

He is now called to the screen by the VAR to take a look.

in one day

Vitesse-Willem II · in one day


Willem II won 3-1 against Heerenveen last week and Zeljko Petrovic understandably sticks to the same basic team.

Let's do this!

#VITWIL https://t.co/bO9uo3S3dr


Avatar Author Willem II Moment of places 12: 03 - 21 March 2021

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

75 'Sam Kersten has never scored in professional football, but was very close to this.

The header of PEC's central defender ends up at the intersection.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

72 'Slobodan Tedic presents himself in the second half as a strong striker.

He comes in front of Kum and vigorously nods the ball towards the corner, but Kirschbaum's save is fine.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

69 'GOAL VVV-Venlo! 


VVV quickly gets back to the same level from a corner!

Mous manages to turn the header of Giakoumakis, but after an unprecedented scrimmage Roy Gelmi shoots the ball into the roof of the goal.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

66 'GOAL PEC Zwolle! 


There is the goal for Slobodan Tedic!

The Serbian heads the ball with feeling over Kirschbaum.

Da Graca can no longer take the ball off the line and so PEC Zwolle takes the lead.

in one day

Vitesse-Willem II · in one day

At 2.30 pm, Vitesse wants to take advantage of the meeting between AZ and PSV.

With a win against Willem II, Tomas Letsch's team will catch up with at least one of those two teams.

Riechedly Bazoer is missing among the Arnhemmers.

He was suspended after his red card against FC Utrecht last week.

Our 1️⃣1️⃣ names today! Almost game time 🔥 #Vitesse #vitwil #WijVoorJullieJullieVoorOns


Avatar Author Vitesse Moment of places 12: 24 - 21 March 2021

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

55 'Great combination between Tedic and Pherai, after which the latter can continue towards the goal of VVV.

However, he is hindered enough by Kum and Pachonik to get it right.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

50 'PEC puts it a bit differently after the break.

Kenneth Paal has been moved to midfield, meaning that the team from Zwolle now plays 3-4-3 against the 5-3-2 of the visitors.

Paal also gets the first shot of the second half, but shoots half a meter wide.

AZ-PSV · in one day


 Roger Schmidt makes one change at PSV.

Jordan Teze is allowed to start again, after he was still on the bench against Feyenoord last week.

Olivier Boscagli is missing from Alkmaar, he is said to have muscle complaints.

PSV line-up:


Dumfries, Teze, Viergever, Max;

Sangaré, Rosario, Götze, Gakpo;

Zahavi, Malen.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

46 'In Zwolle kicked off again.

PEC has switched for the second time.

Slobodan Tedic has joined the team for Thomas Buitink.

The striker, who is hired from Manchester City, has not been able to show much in Zwolle due to many injuries, but can now prove himself.

AZ-PSV · in one day


AZ has already announced the line-up for the top match against PSV (kick-off at 2.30 p.m.).

Fredrik Midtsjø returns to the base after an injury.

AZ continues to play in the same formation as against FC Twente (4-1 win). 

Setup AZ: 


Svensson, Letschert, Martins Indi, Wijndal;

Midtsjø, Koopmeiners, Gudmundsson;

Stengs, Boadu, Karlsson.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day


PEC has the ball, but VVV has the big chances.

Van Crooij (2x) and Giakoumakis were close to the opening goal for Jos Luhukay's team, but there is not yet a goal in Zwolle.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

45 + 1 'In the extra time of the first half, Pachonik gets a chance from a quickly taken free kick, but the attempt is straight for Xavier Mous.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

40 'Fullback Leon Guwara goes on an adventure and comes very far, but his final shot rolls disappointingly wide.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

37 'The danger at PEC comes mainly through long shots from Virgil Misidjan.

This attempt is also tapped by Kirschbaum.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

36 'It is often the story at PEC this season: a lot of possession, but few opportunities.

This is also the case today.

PEC has a lot of ball possession, but the best opportunities are by far for VVV.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

25 'Giorgos Giakoumakis has hardly appeared in the play, but here the top scorer of the Eredivisie has to make the 0-1.

He can head in a bird free after a perfect cross from Tobias Pachonik, but the Greek striker hits the ball completely wrong and heads far wide.

A rarity this season.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

24 'PEC cannot get through at VVV and so Virgil Misidjan tries it from a distance.

His lap has a difficult bounce, but Thorsten Kirschbaum does not let himself be surprised.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

Vito van Crooij seems to be making the opening goal here, but Sam Kersten puts a stop to it with the utmost effort.

VVV usually performs well in Zwolle, because it only lost one of the last nineteen league matches here.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

19 'Konterman has to change for the first time within twenty minutes.

Benson Manuel is unable to continue after a hard tackle from Danny Post in the initial phase.

Immanuel Pherai is his replacement.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

18 'VVV collapses and lets PEC make the game.

The people of Zwolle have difficulty with that in the initial phase, because Bert Konterman's team has hardly created anything.

The visitors already came close to the opening goal twice via Van Crooij.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

10 'Vito van Crooij comes close to the opening goal again.

The Limburger takes the ball with him, but a great tackle from Sam Kersten prevents the 0-1.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

4 'The first goal attempt by the home team is also a fact, but Dean Huiberts shoots high.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

1 'Lat!

Within a minute VVV received a free kick in a dangerous position.

Vito van Crooij almost hurts his old team, but via Mous and the crossbar, PEC escapes an early deficit.

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

1 'Kick-off!

 The Eredivisie Sunday started in Zwolle.

Which club will take gold points in the fight against relegation?

PEC Zwolle-VVV-Venlo · in one day

Luhukay: "You are often communicating in three languages"

Jos Luhukay is curious how his team will appear in his first game as a coach.

"It was a hectic week, I am curious about the mental toughness," said Luhukay at 



"It's an eager group, but they have to take responsibility."

Luhukay does run into difficulties in the selection of the Limburgers.

"You are often communicating in three languages: Dutch, English and German. Communication on the field has to be short and sweet. They have to develop that."

VVV does not have much time for that.

"Look at the rankings, you will see how high the need is. I know how small the selection is. RKC also wins last night, now we actually have to take the three points to Venlo."

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