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Tottenham Mourinho, coach of Tottenham Mourinho, was struggling to select the national team against Son Heung-min, who suffered a hamstring injury.

Son Heung-min started an away game against Arsenal in the Premier League on the 15th and felt pain in the back of the left thigh and was replaced in 19 minutes in the first half.

Since then, as Son Heung-min was included in the Korea-Japan national team list, the participation was attracted attention.

British local media reported that Son Heung-min's injury was not so severe that he could play in the weekend league games as early as the day before.

In response, Mourinho said at a press conference with Europa League Dynamo Zagreb ahead of the second leg of the round of 16, "If a player is injured, he cannot play in friendly matches or official matches. If Son Heung-min is still injured next week, even if he goes to the Korean national team, if he is still injured next week," "I can prove to the Korea Football Association that I can't do anything," he said as if it was impossible to draw.

According to the Korea Football Association, Tottenham will deliver an official position on the selection of Sohn Heung-min's national team around this weekend.

The friendly match between Korea and Japan, which was held in 10 years, will be held in Yokohama, Japan on the 25th.

In 〈Sports Mug〉, I will deliver a speech by coach Mourinho about Son Heung-min's selection of the national team.

(Text/Composition: Jin-Hyung Park / Translation: Hae-Ryun Oh, Intern / Edit: Yong-Hee Jung)