The Sumo Spring Basho will be in the middle of the game from the 6th and 19th.

Sekiwake and Terunofuji aiming to return to Ozeki will play against Kiribayama in the flat curtain.

In the spring place, Terunofuji Sekiwake, who is aiming to return to Ozeki, was pushed out by Abu Saki of the flat curtain on the 5th day of the 18th, and now he enjoyed the first black star in the place.

Terunofuji, who finished the first five days with 4 wins and 1 loss, will face the 4th frontal Kiribayama on the 19th of the 6th day.

There was only one match in the past in November last year, and Terunofuji was overwhelmed at this first place.

The two are good at four sumo wrestling, but Terunofuji is superior to the pressure when it comes to fully teaming up.

Kiribayama wants to keep moving and attacking, and decide the game before being turned around.

Kakuban's Ozeki and Takakeishō will be challenged by Shimanoumi, the third frontal piece.

Takakeishō, who suffered his second defeat on the 18th, wants to push through his strengths and rebuild.

In addition, Ozeki team will face Wakatakakage, who defeated Ozeki and Masayo on the 18th, with 1 loss Asanoyama, and Masayo, who lost 2 wins and 3 losses, will play against Akio.

Myogiryu of the flat curtain will play against Hokutofuji alone.