Major League Baseball Reds announced that Shogo Akiyama hurt his left thigh and, after inspection, it will take several weeks to return.

Participation in the opening round of this season is hopeless.

Reds' Akiyama, who has entered the second year of the Major League Baseball, was replaced on the way because he hurt the back of his left thigh when he was running on the base in the open game against Athletics on the 13th of this month.

According to the team, Akiyama then underwent an MRI examination at the hospital and was diagnosed with a few weeks to heal completely, so it was hopeless to participate in the opening game of this season, which was approaching two weeks later.

Akiyama is known as a player who is strong against injuries, such as setting a record of 739 consecutive full-inning appearances, which was the second place in the history of professional baseball and Seibu era, and was aiming for regular acquisition from the opening this season. ..

Akiyama commented on the running base when he was injured at the press conference, saying, "I heard a little unpleasant sound when I stepped on the first base, and I felt like I was losing power after that. I was able to defend the center with the expectation, but I could only run at the same speed as walking. It's a shame that I can't start from the opening. "

Akiyama has been withdrawing for a week because his wife was injured in an accident during this camp. I would like to consult with you. "