In one of the fencing events, Saber, it is certain that men's Ken Yoshida and women's Misaki Emura will be represented in Japan at the Tokyo Olympics.

On the 14th, the fencing saber finished its last international tournament in Hungary to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

Both Yoshida and Emura lost in the qualifying round, but Yoshida was 44th and Emura was 22nd in the world ranking after the tournament.

As a result, except for athletes from countries and regions that have qualified for the Olympics as a group, they will be ranked in the top two in the Asia-Oceania region, satisfying the right to participate in the Tokyo Olympics set by the League of Nations, and will surely be represented in Japan. Did.

On the other hand, Japan did not get the right to participate in the Sable men's and women's groups on their own, but it is possible to select additional representative players using the host country frame and participate in both team and individual competitions. ..

The remaining two events, Epe and Foil, will be hosting the final international competition to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics later this month.

Based on the results, the Federation of Japan Fencing will select representative players including the host country frame and officially announce the players representing Japan.