Direct report · Winter studio 13/03


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10 min10.14

Swedish start number, slalom in Åre:

19. Emelie Wikström

20. Sara Hector

30. Elsa Fermbäck

39. Sara Rask

41. Charlotta Säfvenberg

45. Moa Boström Müssener

46. ​​Liv Ceder

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

17 tim17.14

Saturday's remaining highlights:


Winter studio, Yvette Hermundstad


Alpine, giant slalom, men, Krajnska Gora, year 1



Alpine, slalom, women, Åre, year 1


Length, 15 km classic, mass start, men, Engadine


Alpine, giant slalom, men, Krajnska Gora, year 2



Alpine, slalom, ladies, Åre, year 2


Biathlon, hunt start, men, Nove Mesto


Length, 10 km classic, mass start, women , Engadin


Biathlon, hunt start, ladies, Nove Mesto

SVT · Robin Söderlund

3 min10.21

Geez what a tight schedule today ... when will you have time to eat lunch ?!



I'm thinking the same thing.

Not easy today!

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

3 min10.21

Slalom is unfortunately not so exciting for Sweden anymore, more exciting with length !!


3 min10.21

Without Johaug and Frida, weak Russians and American women, there are as many alternatives as possible.

For some reason, Ebba does better races with Johaug and she has a hard time leaving herself.

Lacks good guesses.


Is part of your reasoning, but Ebba is still a favorite today?

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

4 min10.20

Yesterday Petra Vlhova won in Åre, favorite even today?

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

5 min10.19

Next is the ladies' slalom in Åre.

Seven skiers.

Yesterday I went to two for the second run - Hector and a little more surprising Elsa Fermbäck.

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

6 min10.18

And Therese Johaug is absent today!

Wondering if it really is the wrist or something else ??


You can still assume that it is the wrist as they say, right?

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

6 min10.18

Inflammation of the wrist, which means that Johaug does not drive the World Cup final in Engadin.

SVT · Hannes Nyberg

7 min10.17

Oh oh what it was close between Fanny Smith and Sandra N !!!

Crazy !!