Jorge Sampaoli's OM beat Stade Rennais for the Argentine coach's first on the Marseille bench.



  • OM won against Stade Rennais thanks to a goal from Michaël Cuisance at the end of the match.

  • Entering mid-game, the Bayern Munich player immediately praised the work of his new coach Jorge Sampaoli.

  • The Argentinian won the duel of the new coaches against Bruno Genesio, who was celebrating his premiere in Rennes.

Some will cry genius.

We won't go that far.

Oh no !

Because Wednesday night, we could doubt the impact of the coaching of Jorge Sampaoli in the second half, so much his men were dominated at the end of the meeting.

For his first on the Marseille bench, the Argentine coach has yet offered the scalp of Stade Rennais (1-0) thanks to a goal scored in the last minutes by newcomer Michaël Cuisance.

On loan from Bayern Munich, the Frenchman had been in trouble since his arrival at OM.

On Wednesday, he however turned a long undecided match with a furious head butt in the 88th minute.

This goal, the Marseillais owe it to three players who entered during the match: Cuisance at the finish, Henrique for the center and Benedetto for the little ladle just before.

So, isn't this coaching miraculous?

“It was not easy to put in place the structural changes.

But there has been a great deal of support for these changes.

In this context, we cannot do everything in two days.

There is still a lot to correct, in particular we lacked play on the inside, ”said the Argentine after the match.

"Two convalescent teams", according to Genesio

Before exulting, like the new president Pablo Longoria in the stands, Sampaoli had worn his shoes in his technical area, multiplying the back and forth.

We had also seen him talk a lot with Dimitri Payet, to whom he gave several times a paper supposed to give him the playing instructions.

In the midst of this second indecisive period, it was however the Bretons who seemed better in place.

By bringing in Truffert and Bourigeaud instead of Maouassa and Grenier, left injured, Bruno Genesio had dynamited his collective.

Harmless for sixty minutes, the Rennes seemed to want to offer three points to their new coach.

They believed it when Martin Terrier wound up a love-hitting right, pushed back by the crossbar of a beaten Mandanda.

"We did not deserve to lose, the draw would have been fairer on the face of the match," said Genesio, who saw "two teams recovering".

"He's a coach that every player likes to have because he likes to attack"

Well organized in an unprecedented 5-3-2 and rather attractive in the first period, OM seemed to lack benchmarks and gas throughout the match, undergoing higher pressure from Rennes.

The right side where Thauvin and Lirola had done so badly was finally blocked and the players of Sampaoli no longer found the solution.

In the middle of the field, Kamara reigned but neither Milik nor Thauvin managed to deceive Gomis.

Before delivery signed Cuisance.

"It's a relief, it feels good".

Scorer for the first time with OM, the Bayern player immediately greeted his new coach.

“We have a lot of work to do with the coach, but this new system will help us.

We will attack more and score more, he will give us confidence.

He is a coach that every player likes to have because he likes to attack, that's what we like in football, which is a pleasure ”.

“Victory is a step forward.

To have seen this joy in the locker room is a relief after Sunday (OM were eliminated by Canet, an N2 team).

It's important to regain confidence and a playing identity. I felt enthusiastic, with a little fear of not being up to this club and this stadium, ”replied his coach.

"Right now, that's what happens to us all the time"

Opposite, it was quite the opposite.

Beaten for the sixth time in a row, a record since 1986 according to Rouge Mémoire, Stade Rennais continues to dive.

His pretty gold-colored flocked jersey made for the club's 120th anniversary did not have the desired effect and the arrival of Bruno Genesio did not change anything.

Faithful to the system of his predecessor Julien Stéphan, the former Lyonnais fielded a typical team, where Da Silva started on the bench and Nzonzi wore the captain's armband.

" It's frustrating.

Right now, that's what happens to us all the time.

We are trying to change the dynamic but ... These are the details that make the difference, ”analyzed the world champion at the microphone of

Canal +


With this victory, Sampaoli gives himself the right to dream.

OM moved back to 6th and came back two points behind Lens.

Rennes retains its tenth place but sees its goal of being European fade away.

"On the final goal of 5th or 6th place, it's still possible," said Genesio.


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