The international table tennis tournament held in Qatar will be held in the quarterfinals of men's and women's singles on the 11th, and Mima Ito and Tomokazu Harimoto, who have been appointed as representatives of the Tokyo Olympics, will win the quarterfinals and decide to advance to the semifinals. I did.

Women's singles

In the women's singles quarterfinals, Ito, who ranked second in the world ranking, played against Puerto Rico, who ranked 18th in the world at the same age of 20.

In the third game with a game count of 1: 1, Ito accumulated points by breaking down with a sharp serve and hitting the forehand on a tough course, and scored 11 to 8.

In the 4th game as well, he showed a difference in power with an accurate shot hitting a course that was difficult for the opponent to return, and took it 11 to 8.

Ito won the game count 3 to 1 and advanced to the semi-finals.

Hina Hayata, who won second place in last week's tournament, lost to a Singaporean player 2 to 3 after a full game and lost in the final eight.

Men's singles

In the men's singles quarterfinals, world No. 5 Harimoto played against the world No. 13 Korean player.

Harimoto allowed the lead with 3 to 7 in the first game, but he took 8 consecutive points and took the lead with 11 to 7 by persistently returning the shot of the opponent who hit the tough course.

The second game was also led to the middle stage, but the high-speed backhand, which is a characteristic of the game, drew the flow and reversed it, taking it 11 to 8.

Harimoto, who also took the third game in reverse, decided to advance to the semi-finals with a straight win of 3-0.

The women's doubles final is between Japanese

The semi-finals of the women's doubles were held, and the pair of Kasumi Ishikawa and Miu Hirano, who have been nominated for the Tokyo Olympics, was a match between Japanese players and the pair of Hayada and Miyuu Kihara.

The pair of Ishikawa and Hirano took the game count from 0 to 2 for 3 games in a row, and won 3 to 2 in a come-from-behind victory to advance to the final.