A special exhibition has begun in Tokyo to announce what children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake have learned while engaging in sports.

This special exhibition is an NPO that has supported more than 450 disaster-affected junior and senior high school students from the aspect of sports, such as interacting with world-class athletes and participating in tournament volunteers, with the theme of the ability to stand up from difficulties. opened.

At the venue, posters and videos of Hideki Matsui, who was active in professional baseball and major league baseball, and children interacting at the stadium, and how junior and senior high school students participated as volunteers in the Winter Youth Olympic Games held in Switzerland last year, etc. It is exhibited at.

On the 10th, two students who participated in this program made presentations online, and Hideto Kumagai, a first-year university student from Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, who volunteered at the Youth Olympic Games in high school, said, "The earthquake disaster. Later, the support of shoes made the land worth living. I still can't forget the dance that I danced with athletes and spectators across national borders at the opening ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games. " I looked back.

On top of that, "I think we should look to the power of sports beyond entertainment in the midst of the spread of infection and give the world the courage to create an invisible tomorrow. As one of the people supported by sports, the" Reconstruction Olympics " I would like to send a yell to those who are suffering now by showing the appearance of Tohoku, which is moving forward. "

Video message from IOC President Bach

At the venue, a video message from IOC = President of the International Olympic Committee Bach was played, saying, "I still remember being able to interact with children in Tohoku in Fukushima and Lausanne. You have the power to overcome difficulties and rebuild your life. He showed us the power to do it all over the world. At the upcoming Holy Fire Relay of the Tokyo Games, we should be able to show again the power to overcome the difficulties of everyone in Tohoku. And at the Games, top athletes from all over the world show the spirit of the Olympics. Let's do our best together. "