Jean-Michel Aulas, here alongside Tino Kadewere for the presentation to the press of the former Le Havre striker, June 10, 2020 at Parc OL.



Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, Jean-Michel Aulas and OL once again stand out in French football.

OL thus indicated on Monday evening, via a press release, that they had proposed “an innovative measure” to all of its sports players, namely the players, players, staff and management.

They can all choose to “invest alongside all the shareholders in the OL Groupe project”.

Numerous meetings have been organized in order to achieve a reduction in wages since February.

And this to get through the economic crisis, which has already cost OL Groupe 50 million euros in losses over the first six months of this season.

An agreement was therefore found "with some of the players in professional groups, both female and male," said OL.

So what is this “innovative measure”?

It results in "a conversion into OL Groupe shares of part of the remuneration, representing between 5 and 25% of the salary, and this since February, and may go until June 2021".

OL have so far found an agreement with “50% of the workforce”.

“The women's team and a number of sports players had already participated in the reduction of salaries during the first confinement,” recalls the Lyon club.


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OL: Jean-Michel Aulas offers his players to reduce the highest salaries by 25%

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