Romanian referee Sebastian Coltescu was suspended by UEFA until the end of June on Monday.

He was the fourth official involved in an alleged racist incident in the Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir.

Coltescu must also attend an educational program during his suspension.

Head referee Octavian Sovre is given an official reprimand and has to follow the same educational program.

At the Champions League match in December there was a commotion after Coltescu Pierre Webó, the Cameroonian assistant coach of Basaksehir, called "

ala negru"

("that black man" in Romanian, ed.).

The Turkish club then refused to continue playing.

A day later, the match was completed in Paris under the leadership of the Dutch arbitrator Danny Makkelie.

PSG won the game 5-1.

UEFA speaks of inappropriate behavior, not racism

In February it was announced that UEFA did not charge the Romanian arbitration for racism.

However, the incident was investigated in a regular criminal investigation.

In Monday's ruling, UEFA emphasizes that there was no racism.

However, the officials are accused of "inappropriate behavior".

UEFA also reports that it will train its referees better on their language use.

"In an international context, the correct use of language is essential to avoid situations that have occurred in this competition."

Webó has been suspended for one game by UEFA.

The assistant coach was sent to the stands by the Romanian arbitration prior to the incident.