On the 7th, Ichiro Suzuki, an instructor of the Major League Baseball Mariners, participated in the red and white battle of the camp wearing a uniform with a uniform number of "51" and showed a light movement just like when he was active.

47-year-old Ichiro has been a team instructor since he retired from active duty and continues to support his practice at the Mariners camp in Arizona.

On the 7th, Ichiro appeared in practice for the first time in this camp wearing a uniform with a uniform number of "51", played catch with a young player, and then acted as a batting practice pitcher.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the number of participating players in this camp is limited, and since the Mariners had an open game as a visitor on the 7th, Ichiro will hurry to participate in the red and white game held at the campsite. As a result, I played against Marco Gonzales, who has been decided to be the opening pitcher with Ace's left arm.

Mr. Ichiro entered the turn at bat with the same routine as when he was active and hit the fourth pitcher of Gonzales, but when he fell down on the foul fly to the left and pulled up to the bench with a disappointing expression, he smiled at the service director and shouldered. Was embraced.

Mr. Ichiro showed a light movement while protecting the lights except when he stood at bat, and Mike Cameron, who is also a team OB, entered the center and won the Gold Glove Award in the outfield in 2001 when the Mariners won the district championship. The two winners were in line.

Mr. Ichiro recalled, "I was suddenly told when I came in the morning and was unexpected," and said about the turn at bat, "I don't want to lose. It's my instinct."

The service director said with a smile, "The legends did a good job. It's wonderful. But the bat speed is really different from the old days."