It was a dramatic riot today where Alexander Bolshunov and Johannes Hösflot Kläbo hooked each other.

Bolshunov's staff was broken, Kläbo took gold - but after the jury took a closer look at the incident, the Norwegian was deprived of the victory.

This means that he will lose his World Cup gold in the five-mile race, even though Norway will file a formal appeal.

"Frustration and anger"

Kläbo himself now speaks on his Instagram account and makes no secret of his disappointment.

"This feels like the toughest day of my career.

I felt in shape and that I was in control during the race.

You can see what happened and judge for yourself ", he writes and continues:

"I must be honest, there is a lot of frustration and anger over the race today.

I have never felt so prepared for a competition and my ambitions were high.

I knew I could win. ”

"Everything feels dark"

Kläbo, who was washed, is now trying to look ahead.

"I am careful to say what I think right now, but I am very disappointed with how Fis handled the situation and with the jury's decision," he writes and continues:

"Right now everything feels dark, but give me some time and I'll be back."