“It's a strange way to become world champion, no doubt about it.

I had a great race, finally took a medal.

A special day for me, but I just have to celebrate my success.

I am very sorry for Johannes, I do not support the jury's decision.

I will hug him tightly, he is like a moral winner, ”- quotes the words of Iversen VG. 

On the road to the finish line in the fight with Klebo for victory in the marathon, Bolshunov broke his right stick after minor contact with the Norwegian, which eventually threw the Russian to third place.

After the protest of the Russian team, Klebo was disqualified, and Bolshunov was awarded a silver award.

In the end, the victory was won by another Norwegian athlete Emil Iversen.

Earlier, Simen Kruger expressed the opinion that Bolshunov could not be awarded gold at the end of the marathon.