In the first round of the women's golf domestic tour, the third round was held in Okinawa Prefecture, and 19-year-old Mao Saigoh, who has been in the lead since the first day, increased the score by two and kept the lead with a total of 12 unders with Haruka Morita. I did.

The first round of the women's golf domestic tour held in Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture was held on the 6th, the third round.

Saigo, who has been in the lead since the first day, took the third consecutive birdie from No. 7 in the first half and improved his score on the 6th.

However, he hit a double bogey at number 17 in the final stage, and on that day he increased his score by two with five birdies, one bogey, and one double bogey, and kept the lead with a total of 12 under.

In addition, Morita, who also came out of the lead, is in the lead with a total of 12 under, with 5 birdies and 3 bogies.

On the 6th, Sakura Koboshi, Hikari Tanabe, and Erika Kikuchi, who showed a catch-up to increase the score by 6 on the 6th, are in 3rd place with a 2-stroke difference.

In addition, Hinako Shibuno, who started from 5th place with a total of 6 under, suffered from putting while making a chance, and did not improve the score with one birdie and one bogey, and lowered the ranking to 12th place.

In the local Okinawa prefecture, Hina Arakaki has increased her score by one and is ranked 9th with a total of 7 under.

Saigo "I want to win, but concentrate on the ball in front of me"

19-year-old Mao Saigoh, who kept the lead for three days from the first day, said, "I got a good flow after the birdie came in the first half. It was difficult to pin position in the second half, but I'm glad I got the birdie." I looked back.

For the final day of the 7th, "I have been able to switch one ball at a time for the past three days. I think that there will be an opportunity to remove the green due to the forecast that the weather will be bad tomorrow, so from near the green The point is the approach of. I want to win the championship, but I want to concentrate on the ball in front of me without being aware of it during the match, "he said with enthusiasm for the tour's first victory.

Shibuno "The best golf"

Hinako Shibuno, who dropped to 12th place without increasing the score, said about the putt who suffered on that day, "There were a lot of disappointing scenes, but I often went around with an even par. There were few miss hits, but the touch did not match. It's my fault because the sense of distance has shifted. I think that there are days when I enter and days when I don't, "he said with a regrettable expression.

Towards the final day, "If there is such a difference from the top, tomorrow can concentrate on what he should do. There were both good and bad points in these three days, so tomorrow summarized it, I want to concentrate on what is in front of me so that I can play the best golf. "