Ebba Andersson has had a good season.

She finished third in the Tour de Ski - where she also won her first World Cup victory.

And now the 23-year-old is in Oberstdorf with two individual World Cup bronze medals.

She has never won individual medals during a championship before.

"No, this is not all"

But Ebba Andersson feels that she knows more.

- Now during the World Cup, when I went into third place and received the bronze medal, I felt: "No, this is not all", she says and continues.

- I want more than just this.

I have not reached the end yet.

"Give everything for three miles"

Today, the WC for the ladies ends with a mass start of three miles - where she will do everything to perform as well as possible.

- But I am well aware that there is a very strong skier in Therese Johaug.

She will surely want to set a high pace from the start, and continue to put the rest of us in place.

- But my attitude is to really give everything at three miles.

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Ebba Andersson before the three miles - see the full report