At the Nordic Skiing World Championships, the cross-country men's 40-kilometer relay, Japan finished 9th, marking the first time in five tournaments.

The Nordic Skiing World Championships in Germany took place on the 5th with a cross-country men's 40km relay.

In this event, a team of 4 people slides 10 kilometers each.

In Japan, 34-year-old Keishin Yoshida, who has participated in the Olympic Games for the second time in a row, Naoto Baba, Takatsugu Uda, and Hiroyuki Miyazawa, who ranked 19th in Japan's highest ranking in the men's 15km free, I faced it.

In Japan, although there was an accident that the stock of the first runner Baba broke, he kept the ranking at the start and connected in 12th place, and the last 4th player Yoshida moved up in the final stage, 1 hour 56 minutes 58 I finished in 9th place with a time of 3 seconds.

It is the first time in five tournaments that Japan has entered the single-digit ranking since the 2013 tournament.

Yoshida said, "I'm glad I got in the single digit, but I wasn't 100% satisfied because I thought I was a member who could aim for the highest ranking ever. I want to improve each individual's strength."

The victory was Norway for 11 consecutive victories.