Linn Svahn, who has dominated the sprint world this season, was eliminated already in the semifinals of the World Cup sprint.

Since then, Svahn has not run any more distances.

It was rumored that the 21-year-old would get the chance in the final three miles - but it will not be.

"Does not feel okay"


She has had a bit of a stuffy nose as far as I understand.

She does not feel completely okay, and she does not think she is in a good enough phase to compete then, says coach Ola Ravald and continues.


From an understandable soul, she thinks that most things have gone against her at the World Cup.

She's really had some fluency at all.

Next weekend, a World Cup competition awaits.

And now it is unclear whether Svahn can participate.


She must be healthy by the weekend and be able to train for a few days if she is to compete.

That's really what she's waiting for now.

She can not be sick on Sunday, she is not very sick but she is not alert enough.

"Very disappointed"

How disappointed is she with this World Cup?


That says herself, she came here with an ambition to run for the medals.

So of course she is very disappointed.

She's just drawn a line over this and started looking forward again.

She is not in a great mood but she has realized that it did not turn out as she had imagined.

CLIP: Cold disappointed: "A shitty day" (March 4, 2021)

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Cold disappointed: "A shitty day"