Former UEFA president Michel Platini still supports FIFA's choice to assign the 2022 FIFA World Cup to Qatar, even though it was recently revealed that thousands of migrant workers have died in the construction of the stadiums.

"Arab countries have already applied ten times for the World Cup. It is important for the development of football that they also get a World Cup," Platini said in

Die Welt on



"That is exactly why I voted for Qatar. The condition was that the World Cup would take place in December, which is now the case."

Platini, also former FIFA vice-president, made his statements about two weeks after

The Guardian

revealed that 6,500 foreign workers were killed building stadiums for the World Cup.

Human rights organizations have already complained about the poor working conditions of foreign workers in Qatar.

The French former top footballer also does not regret the decision to hold the European Championship in twelve countries, which has been moved to next summer.

"This European Championship will further develop football in Europe, as stadiums will be built. Countries such as Scotland, Ireland, Romania and Azerbaijan will one day be able to host the European Championship there," he said.

In 2015, Platini, along with FIFA president Joseph Blatter, was suspended for a suspicious payment of almost 2 million euros.

As a result, Platini was no longer able to run for the presidency of FIFA in 2016.

Platini's suspension was cut in half from eight to four years.

"I will continue to fight against injustice and will never give up", says Platini, who does not yet know whether he will return to football.

"I've always said that I leave all my options on the table. But I also have to find something that suits me. Now I enjoy the luxury of having a lot of free time."