At the torch relay, which will start in Fukushima Prefecture on March 25, it has become clear that runners such as celebrities have declined in various places.

Regarding the decline of celebrities,

▽ Atsushi Tamura of the comedy combination "London Boots No. 1 and No. 2" that was scheduled to run in Aichi Prefecture said last month about the remarks of former chairman Yoshiro Mori of the Games Organizing Committee, "'Celebrity is a torch relay. It would be nice if I could run in the torch. ”It distracts people,” he said.

After that, in Aichi Prefecture,

it became clear that Souta Fujii

, a

▽ shogi player, offered to decline in November last year in order to face shogi.

And, less than a month before the start of the torch relay, it has become clear one after another that celebrities declined, saying that "the schedule did not match" while each local government announced the runners again.

According to the local government, the actor is

▽ Takako Tokiwa in Ishikawa prefecture ▽

Toru Watanabe in Ibaraki prefecture ▽

Tina Tamashiro in Okinawa prefecture is declined, and the

singer is

▽ Hiroshi Itsuki in Fukui prefecture ▽

Singer / songwriter in Oita prefecture Mao Abe has declined.

In the sports world,

▽ Yu Tamura who played an active part in the Rugby World Cup in Tochigi Prefecture ▽

Masayo Ozeki in Kumamoto Prefecture has declined in consideration of the sumo summer place.

Also, in

Yamanashi prefecture, movie director Izuru Narushima has declined.

Declining other than celebrities has also been revealed one after another, and in response to Mr. Mori's remarks that can be regarded as a female disdain,

▽ a man in his 50s in Fukushima Prefecture and

▽ a graduate student doing research on gender equality in Nagasaki Prefecture Woman declined and

▽ In Kanagawa Prefecture, one person offered to decline because he was wondering about the event.

In addition, due to the postponement of the event, there

were cases where

▽ I

declined due to inconvenience due to work or going on to school


▽ cases

where I could not run due to health reasons or the death of the

person, so when combined with celebrities, So far, the local government has revealed that there are more than 30 people in at least 20 prefectures.