Marco Rose argued understandably.

It's not about him, but about how his team can get back on the road to success as quickly as possible, he said.

But then of course it came back anyway: the question of the effects of his announced departure at the end of the season.

And at some point Rose had to admit that there was almost nothing he could do about it.

“Of course I can't influence the questions,” said Borussia Mönchengladbach's coach, “that means: I can.

With results, with positive results. "

But they haven't been for a long time.

Rose suffers from this.

“Believe me, the situation is challenging.

That doesn't leave me behind either, ”he said after the 1-0 defeat in the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup - against his future employer Borussia Dortmund, of all places.

Rose - "Unfortunate Defeat"

Borussia Mönchengladbach loses the cup quarter-finals against Borussia Dortmund just 0: 1.

Foal trainer Marco Rose talks about the game and the unfortunate course.

Source: Stats Perform News

After five games without a win in the Bundesliga and the 2-0 defeat by Manchester City in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16, another effective hit followed.

And currently almost everything that goes wrong is associated with the outgoing coach.

Two weeks ago, Rose made public that he would be leaving at the end of the season - since then, his critics have finally had a scapegoat.


Before Rose had revealed the secret about his future, they asked whether the uncertainty would put a strain on the team - since it was clear, he was asked whether the collaboration between him and the team still made sense.

It's frustrating.

“I think that one thing is important: that in all discussions about me, you should analyze objectively and say that the team performed very well.

I haven't heard that at all, ”said Rose after the final whistle on Tuesday.

Gladbach still believes in qualifying for the European Cup

He seemed to be trying very hard to be calm, but pissed off inside.

Then he listed all the positive things that he had seen in a cup fight that was almost at eye level: How his team put the Dortmund under pressure, had given the opponent hardly any scoring chances - and in the end was unlucky.

The 44-year-old seemed to be evaluating a different game than what his opponent and future assistant Edin Terzic had seen.

While the BVB coach spoke of a "well-deserved victory with many chances", Rose said: "I would speak of an unfortunate defeat."

Regarding the analysis of the game, which was decided by a Dortmund counter goal by Jadon Sancho (66th minute), the Gladbach players are still following their coach.

Christoph Kramer also spoke of a "50:50 game".

There is no reason to “bury your head in the sand and say: The season is over.

It's not like we don't even know what to do anymore ”.


The Champions League places are nine points away and the Europa League places are four points away.

That is not a good thing, but nothing more than an interim balance.

Nothing - except the DFB Cup - is lost, said the midfielder: “We have to shake ourselves.

We can't talk now about bringing the season to an end.

We are in the middle of the season. "

Rose on Eberl: "That shows what makes Max tick"

Gladbach coach Marco Rose and his team fail in the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup due to his future employer.

After the bitter end against Dortmund, he speaks about sports director Max Eberl and explains the goals for the rest of the season.

Source: Stats Perform News

You can see it that way, of course.

In fact, however, the Gladbachers are currently threatening to gamble away all of the season's goals.

And the race to catch up in the Bundesliga should start as soon as possible, ideally with the home game against Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday, in order to still be able to live up to the declared claim to qualify for the Champions League again.

Rose is aware of this.

“We always said we wanted to go back there.

We're a long way from that at the moment, ”he said and now prescribed a strategy of small steps for his player.

"In our situation, we sometimes have to set short-term goals."

Is Borussia falling apart?

It is questionable whether that alone would be enough.

There are a number of unanswered questions about the team's future that could or are already affecting the present.

There is speculation about the whereabouts of several top performers.

Jonas Hofmann (28) is associated with FC Chelsea, Marcus Thuram (23) and Florian Neuhaus (23) - similar to the coach - are said to have exit clauses in their contracts.

In addition, the contracts of Denis Zakaria (24) and Matthias Ginter (27) expire in 2022.

If there are no renewals, the Gladbach team would have the last chance to generate high redemptions in the summer.

It would be extremely important to move back into the premier class.

The end in the quarter-finals - Marco Rose is currently in a deep crisis with Gladbach

Source: Pool via REUTERS


This is another reason why Max Eberl does not want to change coaches too quickly.

Rose would stay until the end of the season, the sporting director had announced unequivocally before the defeat.

He in turn gratefully noted this statement.

"That shows how Max works, that doesn't surprise me either," he explained.

“That's how we got to know each other and that's how we work together.

That shows what kind of quality he has - as a sports director and as a person. "

In fact, it makes sense to keep the coach who has shaped this team over the past year and a half in office - as long as the team follows him.

And the services underline this for the most part: Gladbach still has only one earnings crisis.

However, the recent excitement does not make it any easier to cope with.

Police pull up in front of the stadium

During the game on Tuesday, the police took up ten emergency vehicles at Borussia-Park.

Apparently there were fears that fan protests could occur.

However, they did not materialize.

After the game there was a scene that shows how poisoned the atmosphere is, at least for some of the fans.

After assistant coach René Maric was seen in a friendly conversation with Dortmund's goal scorer Erling Haaland, there were violent reactions.

Maric was even insulted.

Rose's assistant responded with a detailed Twitter statement.

"Naive, emotional and thoughtless" was his behavior, he would not have thought of the cameras in the stadium, he wrote.

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Maric and Haaland worked together in Salzburg.

Some Gladbach fans don't even seem to be able to understand a conversation between colleagues.

"I know that this has a negative and wrong effect on the fans at this moment," said Maric.

"In this respect, I will accept the insults with a certain understanding and take responsibility for them."