Before the match, Vive Kielce and Flensburg were 19 points each and the winner would secure the group victory.

And it was a win for Hampus Wannes and Jim Gottfridsson's Flensburg.

- It feels fantastic to win the group considering how difficult it was.

We also play many matches in the Bundesliga so winning the group shows a lot of character, says Wanne to SVT Sport.

Wanne scored 10 goals in the first half and 11 goals in total.

- I am happy with the form but how many goals I score is uninteresting to me.

It's fun that the team is doing well, he says.

In the playoffs, Croatian Zagreb are waiting and Wanne warns not to underestimate the opponent.

- Handball is as close to a martial art with a ball as you can get.

So it's always tough.

The worst thing you can do is underestimate the opponent so we will prepare as we do against all other teams, Wenne says to SVT Sport.

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Erik Persson celebrates goal.

Stock Photography.

Photo: Bildbyrån.