At the Nordic Skiing World Championship, the first individual jumping women's large hill, Japanese ace Sara Takanashi won the silver medal in 2nd place, becoming the second medal after the individual normal hill of this tournament.

The Nordic Skiing World Championships in Germany was held on the 3rd for the first time for the women's individual large hill jumping, with a hill size of 137 meters.

Forty people who passed the qualifying were contested, and the Japanese team won a bronze medal at the individual normal hill, and four people including Takanashi participated.

In the first time, Takanashi jumped 126 meters with a strong jump with an unfavorable tailwind and finished 4th with a 5.8 point difference from the top.

In the second time, even though the gate was one step lower than the player who flew just before, he extended the flight distance and marked 134 meters, and at this point he took the lead.

However, Norway's Maren Lundby, who flew last, surpassed Takanashi by 8.7 points.

Takanashi won the silver medal with a total of 287.9 ​​points, which is the second medal after this tournament and individual normal hill.

Takanashi said, "The second jump was the best in the world championship. I was able to do everything I was aiming for, so I had a lot of harvest. I feel refreshed, but I will improve the problems I found. I want to. "

The winner was Norwegian Maren Lundby.

Among the other Japanese players, Yuki Ito was 13th, Nozomi Maruyama was 18th, and Kaori Iwabuchi was 29th.